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- 03/14/2018 08:49:35 PM Standard News Entry

Descent II CTF Official Tournament

Descent Rangers Official CTF Tournament
Coordinator: Captain Dravis
Co-coordinator: Lt. Commander Yagar

Fellow Rangers, I present to you the biggest Ranger event since the turn of the century. I am pleased to announce we will be having an Official CTF Tournament.
The tournament structure is going to be very simple. Each of the squad leaders will decide on two pilots and one back up pilot to represent their squad in
the Official tournament. For those who are not selected to participate in the Official tournament, there is going to be an Elective tournament immediately after.
This way, everyone has a chance to grab some of those juicy medals.

Pilot Selections must happen before April 1st, 2018. The tournament will take place on April 13th – April 15th at 12:00 AM PDT. This will give each team
2 weeks to practice. The tournament will overlap with the game day on April 14th. This has already been acknowledged and should not be a problem.

Rules for the Official Tournament:
- Must use Retro version 1.3a, as it is the last official build that doesn’t have any known CTF bugs.
- Difficulty: Ace
- Standard Rangers Allowed/Banned weapons.
- Each game must be played to a score of 200.
- Maps to choose from: Halcyon of Days, Skybox, Small_CTF, Descent II Stadium
- Descent II Stadium must be played for the Grand Finals match.
- Each team must take screenshots for submission of the matches. Demos are optional.
- Inactive/Retired pilots MAY participate in the tournament, but must accumulate 15 GPs before participating.
- Matches must be completed by the end date of the tournament dates listed above.
- If drop outs occur, the pilot must attempt to reconnect. If the pilot is not able to rejoin the game for any reason, the match may be rescheduled
for a later time, provided it is still within the tournament dates.
- It is highly recommended that each squad has a back up pilot in mind, just in case of internet troubles/dropouts, etc.
- Failure to abide by the rules will result in a penalty at the discretion of the tournament coordinator and co-coordinator.

For those of you who are interested, I plan to host an Elective CTF tournament shortly after the conclusion of the Official Tournament. If there seems to be enough interest in the Elective tournament, then I will compose the rules once the Official Tournament has concluded. 

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- 02/28/2018 09:13:55 PM Standard News Entry

Black Squad Promotions

I have two promotions to announce:

*Please welcome Skywarp as the new Captain for Black Squad.*

Because of his willingness to help, and his exceptional character, Maestro has been promoted to Major in Black Squad.

Take the time to congratulate both of these pilots

Lt. Commander yagar

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- 02/27/2018 12:45:04 PM Standard News Entry


For the recent spike in activity, Code has been promoted to Ensign of Blue Lightning! Congratulations!!!!
- 01/07/2017 01:46:48 PM Standard News Entry

2018 Game Nights

2018 Game Nights are posted. Things have been changed up. New events include:
  • Smarty Smart Mines
  • Ninja Egghunt CTF
  • Stadium Shaker Egghunt CTF
  • Colorboxing
  • Halcyon Days Egghunt CTF
  • Escape the Helix
  • Sirius Marathon
  • Castle de Halloween
  • Taraskova 2 Tiramisu
Feel free to submit new game night ideas. However, please keep them simple and straight forward. Complicated events are difficult to manage.
  • The
    Blue Lightning
    squad really needs help!

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  • The
    Gold Phoenix Guard
    squad needs help!

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  • No one has qualified for the Medal of Rogues yet!

  • Naphtha is in the lead for the Medal of Gallantry

  • No one has qualified for the Medal of the Iron Cross yet!

  • No one has qualified for the Medal of Thievery yet!

  • No one has qualified for the Medal of Flag yet!

  • Naleksi is in the lead for the Medal of Glory

  • Verran earned a Medal of Achievement Class 5 on 2/17/2018

  • Tigeron earned a Medal of Achievement Class 6 on 2/11/2018

  • Ryusei117 earned a Medal of Excellence Class 2 on 3/20/2018

  • Naleksi earned a Medal of Excellence Class 1 on 3/20/2018

  • Skywarp earned a Medal of Excellence Class 1 on 3/10/2018

  • Sirius earned a Medal of Excellence Class 2 on 2/25/2018

  • Dravis is in the lead for the Medal of Courage

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