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Descent Rangers News

- 01/12/2019 10:17:10 PM Stickied News Entry

2019 Updates

We are moving from Mumble to Discord! Join our new Discord server here:

You can also download the Discord app here:

Mumble will be online until April 2019, but we are encouraging everyone to start using Discord as soon as possible.

Please be patient while we continue to configure Discord and add new features.

Also, we are adding game scoring support for the following games:

  • Overload
  • Forsaken
  • Geocore

Descent: Underground has not been added yet because it is not available for purchase.

The new games will only support Anarchy and Team Anarchy.

Default game settings for Overload have been posted in the rules. Forsaken and Geocore rules may be added later depending on how popular they become. Overload rules are subject to change as we learn more and new updates come out. When it comes to playing a new game, be patient, use common sense, and rely on rank seniority to work out small nuances.

And, as always: if you have questions or feedback, contact your squad leader, and/or Senior Officers.

Overload can be purchased here:

There is also an Overload Community Level Pack available for purchase:

Overload Level Editor (free): Steam

Forsaken (details need to be worked out on Free vs Commercial products):

Geocore: Steam

Lastly, 2019 Game Night schedule has been posted! There are some new events listed, as well as events for Overload and Forsaken!

  • The
    Blue Lightning
    squad really needs help!

    Apply Here Today!
  • The
    Red Dragons
    squad needs help!

    Apply Here Today!

  • No one has qualified for the Medal of Courage yet!

  • Royos is in the lead for the Medal of Gallantry

  • No one has qualified for the Medal of the Iron Cross yet!

  • No one has qualified for the Medal of Thievery yet!

  • No one has qualified for the Medal of Flag yet!

  • No one has qualified for the Medal of Rogues yet!

  • Skywarp earned a Medal of Excellence Class 1 on 2/23/2019

  • Royos is in the lead for the Medal of Glory

  • When did you last play a scored game?
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  • Are you up-to-date on associates and applicants?
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